APHA Call for Abstracts

Present on Behalf of DPHA at the APHA Annual Meeting (Scientific Sessions, Posters)

Public Health 3.0 builds on the past successes and provides a new focus where public health is no longer defined solely by the public health department and its traditional programs. The APHA Council of Affiliates (CoA) is seeking abstracts that describes the role of APHA Affiliates in working in the new landscape, of Public Health 3.0. Abstracts could address numerous topics including:

  • Enhanced and broadened approach to public health practice – e.g., examples of cross-sector collaboration/partnerships; new models of public health leadership (Chief Health Strategist Role); examples of collective action to address community challenges
  • Leveraging data and resources to address social, environmental, and economic conditions that affect health and health equity – e.g., examples of communities/organizations using data for decision making; initiatives that address upstream determinates of health; innovative funding models that support public health infrastructure and/or community-level engagement work
  • Foundational Public Health Services – e.g., exemplars of public health programs needed in every community for the public health system to work well in protecting people’s health; exemplars of knowledge, skill, ability and systems infrastructure necessary to support effective and efficient governmental public health services; exemplars of innovative funding strategies for foundational public health services
  • Other topics that address Public Health 3.0


Selected abstracts will be those that provide Affiliate members with best practices, lessons learned, or other ideas that can be taken back to Affiliate membership. Abstracts are due by May 24, 11:59pm (ET). (Call for AbstractsAbstract Submission FormConflict of Interest Form)


In addition, the Council of Affiliates (CoA) invites Affiliates to submit abstracts for posters which will highlight Affiliate best practices and/or promising programs. Abstracts may describe original scientific research or practice-based descriptions of Affiliate-related programs or initiatives. Abstracts are due by May 24, 11:59pm (ET). (Call for Abstracts – Affiliate Poster SessionAbstract Submission FormConflict of Interest Form)