Coronavirus Testing

Testing will be prioritized for:

  • Any symptomatic individual.
  • Anyone with known exposure to COVID-19.
  • All long-term care residents and staff.
  • Vulnerable Delaware populations, including elderly Delawareans and members of low-income communities.
  • Certain front-line essential workers.


Discuss with your doctor if you have elevated temperature, cough, difficulty with breathing, or muscle aches.

Things to know

Individuals who have symptoms should stay at home. Many individuals infected with COVID-19 recover by resting, drinking plenty of liquids and taking pain and fever-reducing medications. It’s important to be aware of your symptoms and take precautions. In some cases, illness can be severe and require hospitalization.

If you have a medical emergency, call 911 and make sure to let the dispatcher know which symptoms you are experiencing.

If you may have been exposed but don’t have symptoms

  • No need to go to the emergency room (ER); it’s important to preserve ER resources and avoid exposing vulnerable people to the virus.
  • Stay home and make sure to distance yourself from vulnerable populations.
  • Monitor your symptoms to see if anything changes.

Check out Delaware’s Upcoming Testing Sites HERE