DJPH Embargo Policy

When a paper is accepted for publication in the DJPH, it is under embargo and not for public release until publication. Articles are typically embargoed until 4 pm ET (Eastern Time) on the date of publication. Authors are permitted to present their research before peers at scientific meetings but should refrain from distributing copies of their paper, including data tables and figures, prior to official publication. Authors are permitted to talk with reporters about their work but should clearly disclose that the research is embargoed and that findings may not appear elsewhere prior to publication in the DJPH. To inquire about embargo dates or if you have questions related to the DJPH embargo policy, please contact Elizabeth E. Healy, MPH at

This page has been adapted with permission from that of the American Journal of Public Health and/or the American Public Health Association.  The Delaware Academy of Medicine / Delaware Public Health Association is Delaware’s affiliate to the American Public Health Association.