DJPH Correction & Retraction

“To Err Is Human…”

Corrections are important to the integrity of the professional literature, and professionals rely on accurate data to further their fields.  Corrections of errors in published articles protect the reputation of authors, journals, and anyone else involved in the research process, and put the best interests of science first.

DJPH publishes corrections, retractions, and expressions of concern as appropriate, and as quickly as possible.

  • If substantial errors appear in online articles, and these errors significantly affect the content or understanding of the work reported (e.g., error in data presentation or analysis), DJPH will publish a correction or retraction that will be linked to the original article.
  • If an error affects the publication’s metadata (e.g., misspelling of an author’s name), the article itself will be corrected and re-posted online.

Authors who wish to alert DJPH to a situation where a correction may be warranted are requested to contact the Managing Editor with the relevant details (journal, full citation of the article, and description of the error) at

Authors are encouraged to post comments to their articles to note typographical errors, and other problems that do not significantly affect the scientific integrity of the work.