Advisory Council

The advisory committee shall be composed of professionals in the public health community who are willing to advise, on a volunteer basis, the activities of the Delaware Public Health Association with respect to its role as the state affiliate of the American Public Health Association. In addition, and in the pursuit of collaboration as a member-driven organization, these advisors are in roles spanning a range of areas of expertise and responsibility within their own professions.  Advisory members are selected by the board of directors on a periodic basis.


Omar Khan, MD, MHS

Executive Director

Timothy E. Gibbs, MPH

Council Members

Louis E. Bartoshesky, MD, MPH

Gerard Gallucci, MD, MSH

Richard E. Killingsworth, MPH

Erin K. Knight, PhD, MPH

Melissa K. Melby, PhD

Mia A. Papas, PhD

Karyl T. Rattay, MD, MS

Margot L. Savoy, MD, MPH

William Swiatek, MA, AICP