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Delaware Academy of Medicine Historical Archives


Seeing how medicine changed challenges us to see how far medicine can advance. Providers and researchers constantly propose new theories, treatments, ideas, and questions with one goal in mind – improving patient care. That is the essence of the Delaware Academy of Medicine’s History and Archive Collection. It is a living testament to the medical technology, techniques, and practices used by Delaware physicians and dentists. For more than 85 years, the Academy has been the recipient of various collections of historically significant books and periodicals, medical instruments, and equipment. The Academy has a dedicated archivist, along with a subcommittee of the Board of Directors, dedicated to assuring that this historical legacy is properly preserved and maintained, so that our past and present may guide our future. These collections tell the story of medicine in Delaware, allowing us to keep this rich history alive so that we may honor the past, and inspire tomorrow.

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A subcommittee of the Board of Directors dedicated to assuring that this historical legacy is preserved and maintained for future generations.s