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To promote the health of Delaware residents through the advancement of sound public health policies and practice.  

Health care continues to expand beyond the traditional model where a patient visits a physician’s office when ill. Its scope now encompasses aspects of public health like wellness, prevention, education, behavior modification, rehabilitation, holistic treatment, and more. Adding to the changing face of health care is the growing demographic diversity – cultural, economic, education level, etc. – facing medical providers.  Along with this broadened scope, the number of channels available to people to access care and information has multiplied beyond the doctor’s office. People receive care and manage their health by going to a clinic, talking with members of their community, and educating themselves by researching online. When the broadened scope of health care, the ever increasing number of channels in which people access health care, and changing population demographics are combined, the medical profession is confronted with constantly changing public health needs.  

Education is vital


The Delaware Public Health Association is headed by an Advisory Council of volunteers. These professionals advise the association on matters pertaining to public health in the state of Delaware.  On November 5, 2013, by action of the American Public Health Association Governing Council, affiliation of the DPHA was transferred to the Delaware Academy of Medicine. 

Navigating this constantly changing health care landscape is a challenge for professionals of all degrees, specialties and career levels. In this environment, offering credible, unbiased, and reliable medical education becomes paramount, especially in a time of growing prevalence of obesity, chronic illnesses such as diabetes and heart disease, as well as outbreaks of highly transmittable diseases such as Ebola and Measles. The Academy/DPHA has dedicated itself “to enhance the well-being of the community through education and the promotion of public health.” This mission guides us as we offer medically and scientifically-based educational opportunities for both professionals and the public. 

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