Faculty & Staff

Staff & Associates, 2016 

Timothy Gibbs, MPH, NPMc
Executive Director – 302-733-3919 
Delaware Academy of Medicine and the Delaware Public Health Association

Theresa J. Barrett, PhD, CMP, CAE
Deputy Executive Vice President – associate
New Jersey Academy of Family Physicians 

Sarah Carmody, MBA
Executive Director, Delaware Nurses Association – associate  

Christian Derr
Graphics and Design – associate  

Elizabeth E. Healy, MPH  Deputy Editor – associate
Delaware Journal of Public Health

Erica A. Keagy, MS
Associate Executive Director – associate
Delaware Academy of Family Physicians
DAFP Research and Education Foundation 


Elizabeth Lenz
Operations Manager – staff

Cathy Morgan
Bookkeeping – associate

Ray Saputelli, MBA, CAE
Executive Vice-President, New Jersey Academy of Family Physicians – associate
Executive Director, Delaware Academy of Family Physicians 

Kate Smith, MD, MPH
Program Manager, Goals of Care Delaware,
Delaware Medical Orders for Scope of Treatment – staff


Kristi Walters, MSM
Executive Director, DE Chapter, American College of Surgeons – associate


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