Education for the Public


Navigating the constantly changing health care landscape is a challenge not only for medical providers, but for the public as well.  In this time of increased obesity, chronic illnesses (such as diabetes and heart disease), and outbreaks of highly transmittable diseases such as Ebola and Measles, the public is bombarded by information and misinformation alike.

That is why the Delaware Academy of Medicine dedicates itself “to enhance the well-being of the community through education and the promotion of public health.” This mission guides the Academy as it offers medically and scientifically based medical educational opportunities.


The Delaware Academy of Medicine in collaboration with Christiana Care Health System, has presented its “Mini Med School” program for the past several years. Each year, members of the public “go” to medical school over the course of six weeks, listening to lectures on timely medical topics from Delaware’s leading physicians.


The Academy is also pleased to present weekly topics to the students at the Osher Life Long Learning Institute.  These topics range from advance care planning, to living with and caring for patients with Alzheimers Disease, and maintaining wellness through good nutrition and physical activity.

The value of providing the public with timely, usable, and quality medical education can be found in its “multiplier effect:” a health care consumer who accesses any form of medical education has the opportunity to improve their own health, as well as instruct or improve a family member’s or friend’s health. Ultimately, this goes on to improve the overall public health of a community.


To find out more, please go to:

Osher Life Long Learning Institute

Mini Med School Initiative